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About our nursery

"To offer Canadian and American gardeners a selection of rarely offered plants in North America"

Our production

The main nursery is situated in northern tip of the Appalachians, about 5Kms from the Baie des Chaleurs  (an enclosed arm of ocean that freezes over in winter and warms up to 18 degrees in summer). 

We are therefore in a maritime climate, cool in summer (seldom above 30°C) and very cold in the winter. We are in the colder part of Zone 4 and temperatures can plummet to -35°C in January/February. However, we are usually blessed with an early blanket of snow that protects our plants (although as I write this we have just come through an unusually dry winter) and allows us to grow somewhat tender plants (Crocosmia, Kniphofia, Persicaria etc.)

The gardens at Wanta-Qo-Ti

Our retail premises and display gardens are set in the charming grounds of the Wanta-Qo-Ti guesthouse, on a secluded peninsula of the Chaleurs Bay.  Neighbour to the famous cliffs of the Miguasha National Park, a  UNESCO World Heritage site, the garden is bordered on one side by the ocean and the other by an ancient eastern cedar forest, protecting it from the worse of the north winds. 
In 2012, we undertook the re-development of the borders, of the palissade vegetable garden and the long walk and we hope to plant a fern and woodlander garden in the forest and also a terraced seaside garden this year.
The guesthouse, open all the year round, has 5 spacious rooms facing the ocean.  Come and rest with us, linger in the colourful garden and discuss about botany for a few days. Or better still, come and participate to one of our horticultural weekends!

The future

The future is bright!  Have you heard of a white Armenian geranium, an orange-flowered Solomon seal or a blue-leaved Ligularia?  We have that and much more under production at the moment. Varieties will make their way into our catalogue as we manage to propagate them. And we are keeping our antennas out there for more exciting things to add to the list! 
If you are interested in a particular genus or type of plants and would like to know more about our collections, do get in touch, or better still, come and visit.

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