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Astilboides tabularis

Astilboides tabularis

Une plante merveilleuse qui ne manque jamais d'attirer l'attention avec ses grandes feuilles en boucliers vert tendre. Ses fleurs blanches pendantes sont peu impressionnantes individuellement mais tout de même belles en masse.  L'astilboides se contente d'un sol ordinaire mais elle sera vraiment impressionnante en terrain humide et riche. Plantez-la dans du fumier et attendez les résultats pour voir! jusqu'à 2m    juillet-août

A marvellous plant that never fails to draw attention with its leaves like large green shields. Its pendulous cream flowers are rather uninspiring individually, but quite effective 'en masse'. Astilboides will tolerate a normal garden soil, but will only be truly majestic in a rich and humid spot in light shade and protected from winds. You might have to think for a couple of minutes before positioning it but it will be worth it. The best one ever seen was in a Bathurst garden, but admittedly it was growing in three spits deep of compost. Not everyone shares the fanaticism this person has for gardening! Up to 2m July-August
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