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Podophyllum hexandrum var. chinense

Podophyllum hexandrum var. chinense

Particulièrement beau avec sa floraison rose portée au dessus du feuillage marbré tôt au printemps. Celle-ci est parfois suivie de gros fruits rouge décoratifs. Vigoureux et facile dans un sol humide à l'ombre partielle. La forme chinoise a les feuilles plus lobées et plus marbrées que l'espèce.  60cm  mai-juin

All Podophyllums are interesting for their foliage, but none is as interesting for its flowers as is this Asian species. It has gorgeous pink cups held just above the trifoliate marbled foliage early in the spring (as opposed to underneath the foliage for other species). These are sometimes followed by inflated red fruits that are really rather decorative. Slow starter, but vigorous once established and easy in humus-rich soil in deciduous shade. 60cm May-June
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