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Thank you to our customers for a wonderful season 2021.  We will be back in May for another season!  You can get in touch with us through this website in the meantime, we accept orders all winter.




We are pleased introduce tools to our offerings this year.  We have two selections of European high quality tools for this year.a  Click on the photograph on the left or the link 'outils' in the menu to access the page. English descriptions on individual tools.

Thanks for checking out our nursery website, home to our enthusiastic plant world! 

The nursery is still evolving. After yet another unusual summer with a dry spring, warmer than usual August and a particularly wet September, we are trying to adjust our cultivation techniques and the choice of plants we grow.


We have been very busy establishing our new Guesthouse project, (including its one acre gardens!), the nursery has received less attention.  We weren't able to attend any plant sales for two years because of Covid so propagation was reduced considerably as a result too.  We will working to bringing back stocks up this year with the hope that the pandemic will be finished by next year!

Please note that since we cannot be at the nursery on a regular basis, it is not open to the public. We don't have plants in pots to sell in the summer, we only operate by mail or pickup when plants can be dug up and divided, in spring and fall.


If you would like to see the growing plants, you are welcome to visit the garden at our guesthouse, where you will find most of them.   

Find more information on the Guesthouse HERE.

Have a great gardening season!


Philippe Levesque


Ichtyoselmis macranthos

Our nursery is a small business specializing in plants rarely offered on North American markets.  

Our criterias for selecting our plants are usually as follow :
-scarcity in the commerce
- performance
- beauty and elegance
- easy of culture

We hope you will like our selection, and please let us know of plants that interest you particularly, we are always open to suggestions!

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